Sound System

Why did we need a new sound system?

During the spring, a new sound system was installed in Manchester Cathedral.

Over the past few years, we have noticed a number of failings in the old sound system. the reception of the radio mikes used during services has been poor in certain areas, the sound quality in the Quire has been lacking, we have struggled with limited capacity in terms of quality eg for playing CDs etc, and for electronic instruments and the use of cables created trip hazards eg to the lectern in the Quire. The cathedral has a wide range of numbers attending events and services from 40 to 1000 people and needed a system that would allow everyone to hear clearly.

The new sound system provides a reliable, high quality flexible system that will satisfy spoken word, singing and occasional use by musicians to enhance the liturgy and worship at Manchester Cathedral.

What's happened?

The locations of the speaker were similar to the old system, allowing the reuse of existing conduit routes through the floor. However, on two of the columns in the nave, there was a requirement for three speakers where no conduits (and no speakers) presently exist. This part of the installation required the opening of the floor to connect the main electrical duct system to the column – the nave floor, when re-laid, was bedded and pointed using lime/sand mortar in the knowledge that alterations would be necessary in the future, allowing the stone slabs to be easily relaid once the new conduit was in position.

The installation of the new sound system completed in May 2017.