Tower Repairs

What's happening?

The tower at the west end of Manchester Cathedral is currently in a poor state of condition and in urgent need of repair.

The majority of the works will be in relation to the repair and consolidation of the masonry on the elevations of the tower including: stone de-scaling; the addressing of loose stone; louvres replacement; re-instatement of masonry; the removal / treatment of vegetation to the tower; the checking of the tower pinnacle and tower roof replacement.

The completed works will then: take away the immediate and constant risk of falling masonry onto the public realm; ensure that Manchester Cathedral remains a safe place for worship; ensure that the tower will remain open and a safe place for bellringing; allow better utilisation of the Cathedral’s unique space to enrich the life of the city; allow greater accessibility of the Cathedral, bringing more local people into the Cathedral to connect with their city’s heritage and enable visiting school children to view our historic fabric and for the tower to continue to act as an education resource.

When is it happening?

Thanks to a grant from the First World War Centenary Cathedral Repairs Fund, we will be undertaking emergency repair works to the tower over the next ten to twelve months.

The work began in June 2017.

These works have attracted a £500,000 grant from the First World War Centenary Cathedral Repairs Fund. The full project cost is £750,000; we are actively fundraising to raise the remainder of the money.