Tour of The Kingdom of Heaven by Cristina Rodrigues

Date: Monday 24 June 2019 (2pm)

Cristina Rodrigues is a Portuguese creator with an important history of exhibitions in national and international art centres, who has developed absolutely personal works of art that go beyond the prevailing fashions. In her aesthetics, one can observe both an expansion of the pictorial, as well as the intense work of generating installations, as demonstrated by the extraordinary piece The Kingdom of Heaven (2017). Cristina Rodrigues goes beyond the 'heroic gestualism', planning her pictorial processes, weaving and arranging the materials with extraordinary care, waiting for the spectator to enter a contemplative time. To a certain extent, this artist tries to sew the fragments of the world, generating a cordial space and, of course, appealing not only to intelligence but also to passion.

This visit guided by the artist at the Manchester Cathedral enables the viewer to contemplate part of the collection titled The Kingdom of Heaven (2017), composed by four different series of embroidered works. During the visit, the different symbolic reasons and artistic procedures that this creator develops will be explained.

In a certain sense, her works are dream-like projections, as can be seen in her beautiful series Garden of Eden (2017) that seems to allegorize a return to the paradisiacal scenario but without the shadow of sin, with the splendour of the colours that seduce us. The works of Cristina Rodrigues exhibit and veil the mystery of beauty, which try to recover aesthetic pleasure and give an account of the deep passion that arises from the act of looking. It is the woven body in all of Cristina Rodrigues’ works that challenges and seduces us, that cordial fabric that invites us to sit and enter into poetic contemplation.

Ruskin in Manchester

This event is part of Ruskin in Manchester which will celebrate the legacy of John Ruskin (1819-1900) in Manchester, in the year that marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of this visionary thinker, with a programme of public events taking place across summer 2019.
As an artist, writer, social reformer, philanthropist and ecologist, Ruskin’s is a legacy that shapes our world and lives in so many ways. Whilst Ruskin was troubled by the pollution and poor working conditions he found in 19th century Manchester, he would come to have a strong association with the city and influence the changes that took place to address such issues.

Supported by the Guild of St George (the education charity founded by Ruskin in 1871) and Manchester Metropolitan University, Ruskin in Manchester will see cultural organisations across the city partnering to explore the world of Ruskin through exhibitions, talks and activities.


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