Canon Alan Cooper honoured

Published: 10 February 2011

Alan, who is also Chairman of Manchester Diocesan Board of Finance, will be admitted to the Order at a ceremony in Manchester Cathedral on the evening of 28 February. He will be admitted by the Bishop of Manchester and the Archbishops of Canterbury and York. This means that Canon Cooper will be admitted by the three current holders of the sees occupied by William Temple.

During the ceremony, Alan Copper will be vested in a specially made new robe that bears the Episcopal crest.

The Bishop of Manchester said, "The forming of this diocesan order is the result of careful discussion between the Dean, the Cathedral Chapter and myself. Its purpose is to honour those who have given highly distinguished service both to the Diocese of Manchester and to the wider Church of England.

"William Temple was a spiritual leader of the most profound quality; he also contributed to interfaith dialogue and ecumenism. It seems very appropriate, therefore, that the first recipient of an honour named after such a distinguished servant of both the Manchester Diocese and the Church of England should be Alan Cooper."

Canon Alan Cooper said, “When it was first put to me that I was to be considered for the William Temple Order I was quite overwhelmed. I am deeply honoured by this recognition and to those who considered me. The Diocese of Manchester is my home Diocese and my work here was a marvellous apprenticeship for my service at the General Synod and the Church Commissioners. The Diocese still stands in the best tradition of Archbishop William Temple.”

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