Results of the Capture the Cathedral competition

Published: 09 October 2012

This summer the Cathedral launched its first ever photography competition. It was free to enter, with the best photographers winning the chance to see their work in print, here and the Manchester Evening News, and on display in the Cathedral at the Capture exhibition. In return the Cathedral received an array of interesting new perspectives on the familiar building.

In mid-September the judging panel – professional photographer David Lake, Sheenah Alcock, Picture Editor at the M.E.N., and Canon Tony Hardy – selected winners from around 200 anonymous photographs across three different categories, as well as their overall favourite.

We are pleased to announce the winners as follows:

Young Photographer

The winner of this category is Marisha Harley.

My picture represents the permanent fixture of the Cathedral, a unique building complimenting the Manchester skyline.

It is also a place of peace, tranquillity and great beauty. The architecture is a perfect contrast against the ever changing sky. Both are strong and powerful in their own way and once experienced they leave a lasting impression, especially when digitally captured.




 Architecture and Stained Glass

The winner of this category is Harry Dobbs.

The distortion created by this lens seems to portray the walls of the cathedral embracing us in the love of Christ through his death on the cross.


Something Different

The winner of this category is Gareth Measures.

Gareth's description of his image: "I shot the photo that would be ‘In Hiding’ outside on a sunny day on one of my many visits to the Cathedral. In all of my photo’s I try to find a unique way of looking at everyday occurrences and sights and present them in a different perspective. On this particular visit I came across a spider web that had been meticulously crafted in one of the archways and thought that all of the time and effort that went into creating this should be portrayed in a photo. At the time the sky had clouded over and the light was rather bleak so I waited until the sun made another appearance so that I could capture the web in its full glory. I hoped to show that the combination of the arch and the spider’s web could show a different side to beauty that anyone can appreciate and admire".



Overall winner

The overall winner is Andrew Fishburn.

Andrew's description of his image: "I captured the image from the South ailse to give a pleasing angle and allow the different colours and textures of the fabrics to be seen in the frame. However, I wanted to capture something that was personal for me about the cathedral, yet something that communicated to the many visitors that the cathedral receives. Central to the image is the cross itself - an image that we see in countless settings and contexts and has become a universal symbol of warmth, welcome and love - and reflects my experience when visiting the cathedral. However, I think the cold steel used in the construsction of this cross reminds us to reflect for a moment on the brutality of crucifixion that Christ sufferred. The juxtaposition of the striking colours from the hanging curtains is, for me, the promise of the Easter to come. I also think the images says much about the life of the cathedral - a place not afraid to live in the here and now, whether that means mixing the modern with the traditional (especially in such a beautifiul setting), or even hearing an anthem by Willam Byrd one day followed by an anthem by Elbow the next! All colours of life are here in Manchester Cathedral"

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Besides the winners, there were many other, varied and high-quality entries, which have been shortlisted for the exhibition. Visitors will be invited to vote for their favourite and, once the results are collated, the Cathedral will announce a People’s Choice winner – so come along!

The Capture the Cathedral exhibition begins on 3 November and runs until 23 November.

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