Harvest 2015 at the Cathedral – Sunday 27 September 2015

Published: 24 September 2015

At 10.30am we will have a traditional Harvest Eucharist at which you are all invited to bring a harvest gift for the Booth Centre.

In the evening we will be joining our friends at St Ann's for a special Joint Harvest Celebration at 6.30pm, Canon David Holgate will be the preacher. All welcome.

What to bring as a harvest gift on Sunday morning
The Booth Centre provide a free cooked breakfast and lunch to 80 people each day. In particular they need:

• Fresh food - including fresh fruit, vegetables, cheese and bread
• Tins - meat (corned beef, ham, stewing steak, tuna), beans, spaghetti, custard, rice pudding, fruit and vegetables
• Pasta, rice and chickpeas
• Cook-in sauces
• Herbs, spices and condiments
• Biscuits and cakes
• Porridge oats
• Sugar
• Drinks - including tea, coffee, hot chocolate, cup-a-soups and juice
• Tesco vouchers, which we can use for our weekly shop if particular items are running low


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