New organ

Published: 23 June 2016

Here’s an update from Paul Hale, Consultant to the Organ Project, who recently visited Tickell’s workshop in Northampton.

“The organ has come on by leaps and bounds during the past weeks. All the mechanism is now installed, the wind system is connected and has been switched on, a few ranks of pipes have been put in to test each wind-chest, the front pipes are being fitted, and the larger Pedal pipes being installed. Work in hand is the complex wiring of all the many hundreds of electrical components and of course the continued 'voicing' of the pipes. New pipes are still being delivered to the workshop from Germany and from Leeds – some beautiful wooden bass pipes are the latest, along with the powerful Trombones. The console (where the player sits) is almost complete, just awaiting its stop-knobs. Very soon dismantling and packing of the instrument will take place prior to its removal to the cathedral.”

Take a look at photographs taken in Tickell's workshop.

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