Installation of the new organ

Published: 19 September 2016

The new organ, which received generous funding from the Stoller Charitable Trust, is being mounted on the quire screen at the centre of the building. The project is a major step in achieving our aim to secure a 600-year music tradition at the Cathedral. The new instrument will provide new learning opportunities and support both the choir and the congregation for many years to come.

The organ has been designed with a mechanical key action and has better access for tuning and maintenance. Due to be completed in December, this new world class instrument will be sought-after by players for its sensitive and direct control over the pipes.

It will incorporate a projecting Positive division to the west and a similarly-positioned Choir department to the east. All will be housed in a beautiful case with differing aspects, reflecting the contrasting nature of the Quire and Nave.


The organ will contain an astonishing 4000+ pipes, but most of these are hidden inside. The larger pipes that you will be able to see at the front (facing the west tower and entrance), and at the back (facing into the medieval quire), will be decorated.

Antiques restorer Chris Wells and artist daughter Roanna Wells are working in the Regiment Chapel, gilding the new organ pipes with gold leaf.

Roanna is using is 23.5 carat gold, beaten so thinly that the light shines through it. It will cover all of the outward-facing pipes on the east side and adorn the ‘mouths’ of the pipes facing west.

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