Capture the Cathedral Young Photographer

Capture the Cathedral Young Photographer

08 May 2014

The winner of the Capture the Cathedral Young Photographer category is Jessica Sweeney.

Here is Jessica's description of her photograph:

"I spent an interesting and peaceful spring morning wandering around the cathedral, taking photographs. I especially enjoyed learning about the history of the Regimental Chapel in the War, and I was surprised to learn that the cathedral was bombed in the Blitz. In my picture, I used a reflection in a brass plaque to mirror what I thought to be key features of the chapel, including the altar, two windows and a lectern. I have also included the dark stone of the cathedral which contrasts with the light streaming in through the window . I am pleased with the way the words are prominent in this photograph, as they give the image a ghostly feel and are a reminder of what the space is about, and the men who sacrificed their lives for our freedom".

Congratulations Jessica!