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 The Cathedral is hoping to have a new organ, in a beautiful case, mounted on the screen and in the very centre of the building – designed to support both the choir and the congregation equally, for a very long time.



Why do we need a new organ?

The organ is at the very centre of the Cathedral’s music-making and is in extensive use virtually every day of the year for services, concerts, recitals, recordings, broadcasts, teaching and practice. It is the glue which holds the fabric of our musical life together.

On 23 December 1940, a bomb exploded just beginning the east window of the Regiment Chapel which caused major damage to the organs. Following the war, stop-gap measures were taken and much of the old pipework was re-used, still in the same locations but without the screen department. This is essentially the organ we have today.

The new organ will be designed with better access for tuning and maintenance, and will use mechanical key action, sought-after by players for its sensitive and direct control over the pipes. It will incorporate a projecting Positive division to the west and a similarly-positioned Choir department to the east. All will be housed in a beautiful case with differing aspects, reflecting the contrasting nature of the quire and nave.


How can you help?


Every generation has a chance to leave its mark on our nation’s great buildings. By sponsoring a pipe today, you will help secure a 600-year tradition of music, help develop the Cathedral building and enhance the use of its space. You can give to the organ project by sponsoring a pipe, please download the leaflet.