Manchester Cathedral Poetry Competition Results

Winners and Runners-up of the 2017 Poetry Competition

First Prize (£450 – Manchester Cathedral Poet of the Year, 2017)
‘Eggs’ - Sharon Black

Second Prize (£250)
'A man rakes ash from an oven with a shovel’ – Sally Davis

Third Prize (£150)
‘To Our Lady Undoer of Knots’ – Charlie Annis

Highly Commended (In no particular order)

‘Her wrist’ – Estelle Goodwin
‘Learning to Crawl’ – Julian Dobson
'Möbius Strip' – Paul Munden
‘Qalb’ - Maria Isakova-Bennett
‘Surrogacy’ – Cynthia Miller
‘The Jazzman’ - Diane Mulholland
‘The God of Small Things’ – Wendy Pratt

The prize-giving will take place at Manchester Cathedral on Tuesday 10 October at 2.30pm.

The winning poem will be published in the November edition of Cathedral News.

The three prize-winning poems and the highly commended poetry will be published in the Manchester Cathedral Poetry Competition 2017 booklet.

Any profits from the Manchester Cathedral Poetry Competition go to the Booth Centre charity.

Thank you for all of your entries, and good luck for next year!

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