Schedule of Works

The Development Project is more than just the building works. Our vision is to realise the Cathedral’s potential to enhance people’s lives and offer enjoyable and valuable experiences to visitors and worshippers alike. To this end, the Development Project has created and sustained the new post of Visitor Services Manager and, through the successful pilot Cathedral Volunteer Programme, founded the new charity Volition, which helps people who are unemployed back to work.

Cathedral fundraising and events help to sustain the Cathedral’s musical provision and chorister funding.

The capital works of the Development Project include:

• a new lighting scheme;
• a new sound system (complete);
• a remodelled west end to improve accessibility and increase capacity for community activities, heritage, arts and learning;
• fabric repairs including the south aisle roof, external masonry and bell tower;
• fabric refurbishments including WC facilities (complete) and Cathedral offices;
stone cleaning in the nave (complete);
• the new organ (complete)
• the new Hope Window (complete)
• the opening up of the new east door (complete);
• urgent repairs to the tower at the west end
• a greener underfloor heating system and new floor (complete);
• re-ordering of the Cathedral Visitor Centre (complete).

Current works are under the careful supervision of Dooley Associates Ltd, the Cathedral Chapter and Development Project.

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