East Door

What's happened?

The East Door reconnects the Cathedral to the public realm on this side of the building, linking with the Corn Exchange, Exchange Square and Cathedral Gardens. Benefiting greatly from additional footfall to the area, we anticipate that our new entrance will encourage more visitors and improve the Cathedral’s general accessibility and presence in this newly-defined public space.

The new glazed oak doors also offer easier disabled access, with button-operated automatic opening. A new leaded light has been inserted into the existing masonry opening in the canopy, to keep the area secure and weather-tight.

Visitors can now step straight onto the Cathedral floor entering from the east, which is unusual in English cathedrals. The east door sits beneath the beautiful Healing Window and its declaration, ‘Diversity, Healing, Glory, Wholeness, Inclusion’. The Healing Window by Linda Walton was installed in 2004, the gift of Dr Anthony Enoch.



The East Door completed in March 2017.