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3. Central Nave

Thank you to the following for sponsoring tiles in the Central Nave:

In memory of Jane Patten
In memory of Pat & Marie Patten
Beatrice Hibbert
In memory of Nora Maguire, 1908-2003
Alan Andrew Maguire
Paul Kidd & Daphne Greaves
James Lansdale
In memory of the Rev Robert & Mary Lansdale
Amos Millington
Barbara Ingham
William S Farrar
Alice M Farrar
Richard Snape
Alice Snape
Anna & Mum Walsh
In memory of my Grandma Margeurite Swarton
Jolanta Povilaitye
Mary & Eric Christoper
Bishop John Grindrod & Ailsa Grindrod
All Souls Church Ancoats, 1840 - 1981
May Tidswell
Thomas & Ethel Bond
The Cumbes Family
William Hardwick & Sarah Ann Jackson, married here 26 December 1868
Cyril George Layer, 1894-1983
Gertrude Hilda Layer née Butter, 1892-1986
Ethel Lelia Butter, 1887-1977
Ethel Layer, 1928-
George Layer, 1922-2011
Jean Layer née Lebeter, 1928-2008
Percy Lebeter, d. 1986
Maud Lebeter, d. 1986
Dr Bryony Patrick
Kevin Paul Durban, Mum & Dad Durban
Our Parents
Mr & Mrs Turner
For our parents
Nettie & Harry Clough
Dennis Albert Dodge
Ann Humpage
Brian Sands
Margaret Evans
Michael McRory
Roma McRory
Philip McCrory
Pauline McRory
George Summerfield
Harriet & Samuel Nightingale
Lily & Bill Leighton
Barbara & Bob Potts & Family
For the Jones & Kennedy families
Kathryn Winstanley & Michael Taylor, 25 May
A friend
Lee Wilson
Mr & Mrs GE Birtles
Mary Moate
John Moate