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5. Quire Entrance

Thank you to the following for sponsoring tiles in the Quire Entrance:

Greg Atkinson
Michael B Speight & P B Speight
LucyAnne Fletcher, Chorister 2008-2013
Diana Fletcher
Michael Fletcher
Carol & Peter Massey
Jackie Elliott
Ronald Frank Evans, 1928-1998
Wythenshawe Team Ministry
Arnold Critchley
Kathryn Critchley
Ian Critchley
Susan & Graham Pollitt
Jackson Family
Milner Family
Past members of my family
Chris Connore
Dad & Jane
For my mum, Janet Bucko
For my daughter, Catherine Sarah Bucko
Ian Winsramley
Seth Hague & Mary Williamson
Paul & David Dawson
Nanna Mabel Oakley
Canon Stanley Meadows
Andrew Bahadour
James & Elsie May Barnes