We started out small – a pilot project here at Manchester Cathedral in 2011 with a group of like-minded people with a belief that there is another way to support people who want to work. Blend this with a Cathedral that opened its doors and allowed us to be creative and try out new ideas….Volition was born in 2012.

Our core ideas are simple but effective. Cathedrals are part of the civic leadership of a city, they are iconic places that can bring key players together to make a difference; that, when asked, many people will help people, if only you know how to ask; and finally, that volunteering could play a bigger role in tackling poverty, social exclusion and ultimately reduce unemployment in cities.

We identify roles, projects and areas of community action where unemployed people can become a volunteer. We work closely with Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service to create alternative volunteering options with a clear community focus. At the same time we bring a sharp focus to their employability needs, and create a structured pathway to support them back to work with employers already on board as our partners.

Inherent in all we do are some key values, the things we believe in and include in everything we do:

• no goodbyes, we have time for you no matter what
• choice and free will achieves outcomes
• quality relationships not ticks in boxes makes the difference
• constancy, will always be here
• collaboration, people helping people

We are different from other volunteer programmes. While most organisations aim to retain their volunteer base our aim is to upskill, retrain and move on our volunteers to bigger and better things. Volition volunteers have the support of our extensive and award winning Employer Partnership – businesses that go the extra mile, simply because they want to. They bring a wide range of added value to the support we can offer volunteers such as work related training, mock interviews, and mentoring.

We are different from other employability programmes. Volition volunteers are exactly that – volunteers. Our volunteers are not ‘clients’ or ‘customers’, it is their own decision to choose and commit to being a volunteer. Volunteers can stay with us as long as they want to, and return to us whenever they need us. In fact some volunteers who have found a job as a result of our support, still volunteer with us or mentor other volunteers. There are no goodbyes!



Be a Part of it

Are you looking for work and would benefit from some support to get a job?
Are you a prospective partner or individual who can offer time or resources?
Are you an employer who wants to recruit local people and make a difference in your local area?
Are you a UK cathedral that wants to know how to get involved in the programme?
Please get in touch with the team on 0161 833 2220 ext. 242 or by email.