Booking a Wedding

Celebrating the gift of love in the life-long commitment of marriage is a great joy, and we welcome enquiries about marriage. Answers to the questions below might assist you in your preliminary investigations.

Can anyone get married in the Cathedral?

Anyone can get married in a Church of England Church, but it is easier to be married in a local parish church than in a Cathedral, for which there are stricter regulations. This is essentially because of the broader diocesan and national role and responsibilities that are held by a Cathedral, and the need to safeguard a Cathedral diary – which is always very full.

The stricter regulations for cathedrals mean that you will only be eligible to be married in the Cathedral if either

  • You live in the Residual Parish of the Cathedral.


  • You have been a regular worshipper at the Cathedral for at least six months and are a member of the Cathedral’s Community Roll.


How do I book a wedding?

The first step is to get in touch with Canon Marcia Wall. Canon Wall will discuss your eligibility and answer any questions that you may have.

Once eligibility has been established, Canon Wall will discuss a date with you, and this will go through the Cathedral diary booking process. On confirmation of the booking a £75 non-returnable deposit is payable.  You will then need to meet with Canon Wall and the officiant to prepare for your wedding. There will usually be around three meetings, plus a wedding rehearsal.

Who will officiate at the service?

Weddings at Manchester Cathedral are always led by one of the Cathedral clergy, and Canon Wall will discuss this with you at the first full meeting. If you have minister friends whom you would like to take part in the service, there is ample opportunity for them to do so – either by preaching, reading or leading the prayers.

How much does it cost?

The cost of your marriage service depends very much on what you choose to embellish the service, and Canon Wall will discuss the costs in detail with you at the first full meeting. As a general rule of thumb, however, the basic cost of a wedding at the Cathedral is around £1200.

The cost increases if you have:

  • The Organist
  • The Choir
  • Special flowers (over and above the flowers that will already be decorating the Church)
  • A professional video recording
  • Printing of the order of service organised by the Cathedral


Prayer and Dedication after a Civil Marriage

We also offer a service of Prayer and Dedication after a Civil Marriage for couples who are being married in a Registry Office (or abroad) but wish to hold their commitment before God in prayer and thankfulness, asking for God’s blessing on their life ahead.

Guidelines for eligibility, bookings and costs are exactly the same as for Weddings, above.

 The Church of England provides a resource to help you plan your ceremony, click here to find out more.