Coffee Concerts - Galina Vale

  • Event
  • Saturday, 25 November 2023
  • 11am - 12noon
  • Manchester Cathedral
Coffee Concerts - Galina Vale

Galina was born in Kharkov, Ukraine, and is a classically trained virtuoso guitarist.

Raised in a family of musicians, Galina Vale’s performing career began at the age of eight with an appearance on Ukrainian State Television.

Her individualistic solo performances combine a charismatic stage presence and dynamic powerful playing style with an unusually wide ranging and technically demanding repertoire, including classical music, flamenco, arrangements of Latin American and East European folk music. 
Galina has become a unique personality of the international guitar world. Very few female guitarists attempt both classical and flamenco genres, and her most recent recording also includes electric guitar. She continues to experiment in crossing of boundaries and musical styles. 
Galina’s early influences included the female guitarists Maria Luisa Anido and Ida Presti. She has developed a dramatic guitar technique that owes more to contemporary flamenco and earlier styles rather than current fashions of classical guitar playing. 

Our Saturday Coffee Concerts offer some of the best concerts in the city, with talented musicians performing in a beautiful and friendly setting and followed by complimentary cakes and refreshments.

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Programme - Galina Vale

Augustin Castellon Sabicas  “Delicada”

Ariel Ramirez “Alfonsina y el mar”

Johannes Brahms “Hungarian Dance no 5”

Augustin Barrios “Vals no 3”

Gioaccino Rossini “Tarantella Neapolitana”

Victor Kozlov “Oriental dance”

Niccolo Paganini “Caprice no 24”