Julian Prayer Group

  • Event
  • Tuesday, 7 November 2023
  • 12.30pm
  • Quire, Manchester Cathedral
Julian Prayer Group

A Julian Meeting is usually 6-15 people of various denominations, both lay people and clergy, who meet regularly in a house, church, or chapel. 

There is a short meditation on a theme introduced by one of the members and a brief prayer which leads into about 30 minutes of silent contemplative prayer. This is followed by a time for tea/coffee and lively conversation.

Julian Meetings vary but are centred on contemplative prayer in the Christian Tradition and welcome people of all denominations, and those seeking a place for silent prayer.

Contemplative prayer has been described as ‘listening for God’. Prayer involves listening as well as speaking, but so often we do all the talking and God doesn’t get a chance to talk with us! Simply ‘being with God’ like this is a very natural way of praying and it may be the only way we can pray when we are tired or ill.

If we feel we need to learn how to be ‘still’ with God, we might start with some ways that other people have found helpful. Belonging to a group of people who meet regularly in silent contemplation can be a great help and encouragement.  

Extracted from the Julian Meetings’ publication “Waiting on God in the Silence”.

The Meetings consist of thirty minutes of silent meditation on a theme introduced by one of the members followed by refreshments (bring sandwiches, drinks provided).

For further information contact Mrs M Kmita on 0161 478 7107 or Mr A Smith on 0161 748 8779.

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