Canon Wray's Sock Day Appeal

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  • 6 December 2021
A blue sock collection box in front of a stained glass window

The Canon Wray Sock Appeal is back and you can drop off new pairs of socks, scarves and hats right up until the official anniversary of this historic legacy on the 21 January. Manchester Cathedral can find a good home for any pairs of new, warm socks that people would like to donate or buy to support the Booth Centre in looking after those who find themselves homeless at the turn of the New Year.

Canon Cecil Wray was a very popular, if slightly eccentric, priest who died in 1866 after serving in this church for 56 years. He was a contemporary of Joshua Brookes and a rival to the claim of being the most prolific baptiser and ‘marrier’ in English history. Records show that he presided over 33,211 christenings 13,196 marriages and 9996 funerals as a result of the massive growth in population during the Industrial Revolution.

Canon Wray’s ‘Birthday Gift’ is a fund he set up in 1866 for the provision of socks for the poor on the anniversary of his birthday. From now up until the 21 January we will be collecting socks, new pairs or any surplus pairs received over Christmas which we will then hand over to the Booth Centre for distribution. Donations of new hats, scarves and gloves are also welcome.

Sock box drop off every day up to and including 21 January from 10am-4.30pm.