Have you ever tried to look at the ceiling of Manchester Cathedral?

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  • 11 January 2018
Have you ever tried to look at the ceiling of Manchester Cathedral?

If you have ever tried to look at the ceiling of Manchester Cathedral, you will know how difficult it can be to see the detail of the carvings and musical angels, not to mention the discomfort for your neck.

The ceilings in the Nave & Quire have not been fully appreciated over the years as poor lighting made them very difficult to see. In September 2017, we completed the first phase of our new lighting scheme which included the installation of a new lighting system through the nave and aisles, the lower levels of the tower, two windows, emergency lighting and lighting in the Quire. The completion of this work has helped to reveal our wonderful and extensive ceiling features and for many it is their first real appreciation of how rich this aspect of our fabric is.

In December 2017, we purchased a mobile table with a mirror which allows visitors to focus on the ceiling details without having to strain any neck muscles! Mobile mirrored tables are used in several Cathedrals to allow people to see ceiling features.

The table design is a simple one, octagonal in shape, it reflects the patterns found in the stone carving features, particularly at high level. The table, produced by Treske who also produced the new liturgical furniture, is made from walnut matching the furniture and has curved legs which reflect the design theme found in this collection. Mounted on wheels, visitors can move the table enabling them to focus on features that have relevance to events taking place in the Cathedral.

The Dean and Chapter would like to thank the 'Friends of Manchester Cathedral’ who have generously funded this project.